Heraia will become an hexadecimal file analyser and will provide tools to help the user build the structure of an unknown file for instance. Tools to analyze and visualize data, template search from pre-existing structures and so on.

I don't know how to interest people in coding some things in heraia. To help things I added a RoadMap file that presents the functions I want to include before a new version release, for example :


- 0.0.2

  * save and save as functions
  * record window positions
  * add somewhere, the cursor's position and file length

- 0.0.3

  * rewrite the data_type creation in order to allow a script, or an extern 
    program execution
  * ability to open more than one file at a time
  * have the selection positions added near the cursor's position



Version 0.0.1 is usable and do things. There is no deadline because I'm writing in C only when I get inspired (which does not happen often). I want to have .deb and .rpm packages available for 0.0.5 (this does not mean that one has to wait until 0.0.4 to begin doing this ;-). For the longterm I would be very pleased if heraia could be in the gnome distribution. For now, I think that both the program and the developer are not ready for this :p