jeudi, mai 5 2011

Heraia-0.1.7 is out !

Additions are : A find from data type window that lets one look for a specific string as if decoded with the selected data type (eg search in the document a date such as 02/05/2011 coded in a C way) Saving and loading projects is now possible. Some bugs were corrected (Please report them !) Now a  […]

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samedi, octobre 30 2010

Heraia-0.1.6 is out !

30 October 2010 Release date for 0.1.6 ! Additions are : a find window that lets one look for a string in an hexa or text format. This window is able to search the entire document and gives the results in a specific window (the result window) a find and replace window that will look for a string in  […]

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vendredi, août 20 2010


New release of heraia today ! This is version 0.1.5 and it brings a few new things : Fully translated in French Ability to close opened files (via Close menu or via a button inserted in the tab itself). As usual some bugs were corrected and you will see that the accelerators are back (I think the  […]

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mardi, mai 11 2010


Hop, voici la nouvelle mouture d'heraia en version 0.1.2. On notera les nouvelles fonctionnalités suivantes : mécanisme de prévention de fermeture en cas de modification d'un fichier parmi ceux ouverts, une modification d'un fichier entraine la mise en bleu de son nom dans l'onglet, la sélection  […]

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lundi, avril 5 2010


Depuis le 30 juin 2009 plus de version d'Heraia ... jusqu'à aujourd'hui !!!

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