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Heraia - 0.0.5


Heraia is an hexadecimal file analyser that lets you visualize your files in an hexadecimal form. It may let you try to analyse things by providing tools such as data interpretor and graphical analysis.

No super new feature in this version. Things are going on with the roadmap and libheraia library.

Most of the work done was to setup a base for things like user preference file, doxygen documentation generation, notebook tabs, displaying file position.

So you can retrieve the code here for version 0.0.5 and here to see all versions. If you're interested in development and want to help, you might have a look to the doxygen generated documentation in the devel_docs directory. Please note that there is also some mailing lists (few messages a year).

As a user, you may visit the main site for heraia.