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How do you track version change of the projects you use ?

devel python version monitoring version tracking versions

Let's say you're a python programmer. How do you do to know that the special module you use from Pypi as a new release since 2 weeks ?

Let's say you're orchestrating your infrastructure with puppet. How do you know that augeas and luxflux/openvpn module has been updated ?

Recently I've been programming a bit in C for cdpfgl as Continuous Data Protection For GNU/Linux (see a Press article and the code repository). It appears to be using some libraries such as jansson and libcurl. Those two libraries have very different release schedules and I'm not reading all email lists so I did not saw that a new version of jansson was released since a loooong time. So I decided to write a little script to track down new releases. This python script is using RSS and atom feeds and can track projects from:

  • github
  • sourceforge
  • savanah
  • Pypi
  • freshcode

The project is located on github and can follow himself ;-) It has a version.yaml file that is given as an example to help one to create a personalized YAML file.

This is free software. You are encourage to contribute even if it's only sending me an email saying that you are using this project !