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Heraia - 0.0.6


Today, a new release of heraia is out (0.0.6). It's the first of the year, an I hope it won't be the last one !

Now a new preference window has appeared. One might had things in it (so will I, time to time). Window positions are saved and loaded to/from a preference file. One may had preferences there in order to keep them from one session to another.

Bugs have been corrected when found. If you experiment one, please report ! This version should be more stable and is already usable.

If you are a user of heraia an want some feature or need some tool, please report and I'll do by best :-)

So you can retrieve the code here for version 0.0.6 and here to see all versions. If you're interested in development and want to help, you might have a look to the doxygen generated documentation in the devel_docs directory. Please note that there is also some mailing lists (few messages a year).

Heraia is a standalone hexadecimal file analyser. It provides tools to analyse files in a hexadecimal way :

. a data interpretor . a plugin that do some graphical analysis It contains :

. a fully functionnal plugin system . an exentensible data interpretor It is written in C using GTK and based on GtkHex Widget. It is known to run on both Linux and Windows. It integrates smoothly with Gnome but it does not depends on it.