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Heraia - 0.0.9


Heraia - 0.0.9 is out since 19 may 2009 !

Some major changes appeared in the code, the main structure has been modified according to the roadmap. This was such a modification that I also included the ability for heraia to open more than one file at a time. Since last version other changes are :

  • Double clic on a plugin in the plugin list window opens it
  • Stat plugin is now able to output data to some common formats in order to be used externally. Formats are :
  • Stat plugin got a new file chooser in order to save files

heraia-0.0.9_19_05_2009_petite, sept. 2009

I'm now happier with the main structure. There is still many many things to do see :

  • TODO file that has been reviewed to reflect reality,
  • Todos in the code itself (use the doxygen developer documentation to know exactly what)
  • Roadmap may guide you if you're willing to help.

I may try to do something with this GtkHex Widget (I know this is something that I'm saying since 2005 but it is now becoming more obvious as other projects uses it (nemiver for instance)).

What is heraia ?

Heraia is free software licensed under the GPLv2 or later. It is a standalone hexadecimal file analyser. One would say hexadecimal editor. It provides tools to analyse and edit files in a hexadecimal way :

  • a data interpretor
  • a plugin that do some graphical analysis

It contains :

  • a fully functionnal plugin system
  • an extensible data interpretor

It is written in C using GTK and based on GtkHex Widget. It is known to run on both Linux and Windows. It integrates smoothly with Gnome but it does not depends on it.

You can download heraia-0.0.9.tar.gz with sha512 : bf364dd61e883f15928d82f77008e6ab03f40f00a112336e2aff4d23dec5e6aa24622f8e046ee119edab629f53f81d6e6519695dd332f25d8f6515e70f9c4a87