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New release of heraia today !

This is version 0.1.5 and it brings a few new things :

  • Fully translated in French
  • Ability to close opened files (via Close menu or via a button inserted in the tab itself).

As usual some bugs were corrected and you will see that the accelerators are back (I think the went away when I flipped from libglade to gtkbuilder). Since 0.1.2 user experience is getting better and better.

Roadmap for the next releases says that I may concentrate on search capabilities, begin work on user data_types and add a project like file (as found in geany editor).

You'll find below two links were you might download heraia (mainly code and devel docs). If you're willing to help please have a look at gna.org website or email me at heraia at delhomme dot org.

What is heraia ?

Heraia is free software licensed under the GPLv2 or later. It is a standalone hexadecimal file analyser. One would say hexadecimal editor. It provides tools to analyse and edit files in an hexadecimal way :

  • a data interpretor
  • a plugin that do some graphical analysis

It contains :

  • a fully functional plugin system
  • an extensible data interpretor

It is written in C using GTK and based on GtkHex Widget. It is known to run on both Linux and Windows. It integrates smoothly with Gnome but it does not depends on it.

You can download heraia at both locations (for now) :

Directory description :

  • 'devel-docs' : contains all doxygen documentaion used to develop
  • 'packages' : contains binary packages specific to systems
  • 'release' : contains all releases and source code since august 2008
  • 'source_tar_gz' : contains all tar.gz done between febuary 2005 and

august 2008