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Heraia-0.1.6 is out !

devel Analyseur de fichier development développement file analyser GTK Heraia hexadecimal editor Éditeur hexadécimal

30 October 2010 Release date for 0.1.6 !

Additions are :

  • a find window that lets one look for a string in an hexa or text format. This window is able to search the entire document and gives the results in a specific window (the result window)
  • a find and replace window that will look for a string in hexa or text format and will (eventually) replace it by a new string also entered in an hexa or text format
  • a go to ... dialog box that lets the user jump anywhere in the file in almost any directions ! Enter the offset as an integer or an hexadecimal number, choose your direction, click "Ok" and you're done !
  • A new empty document can be created from zero ! Beware there is still a bug when saving this newly created document : the user is not prompted a name ! Use save as function.

As usual a huge number of bugs were corrected as I see them (please report bugs !) For more details, please see ChangeLog file.

The roadmap was modified a bit to include new features I want to see in next versions and to remove those that are already done (eg translatable project for 0.3.0 - which is done since 0.1.3 !)

Translations : There is only 2 languages for this release. Please, if you are a translator or know a translator, have a look here.

Since last release the libfilecache is named libfcl for File Cache Library. It is a private joke with FCL, a feminine basket club in Lyon (France). The development of this library is not fast... and nothing really usable has been written !

Since release 0.1.5 :

  • 3196 lines were added
  • 165 lines were killed

Heraia has now 12085 lines. The biggest file is heraia_ui with 2411 lines and the smallest one is main_pref_window.h with 32 lines !

Devel docs, generated with doxygen are 49 MB in size and represents 2564 files !

As usual you can download files at both locations :

Directory description :

  • 'devel-docs' : contains all doxygen documentation used to develop
  • 'packages' : contains binary packages specific to systems
  • 'release' : contains all releases and source code since august 2008
  • 'source_tar_gz' : contains all tar.gz done between February 2005 and august 2008