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Heraia-0.1.7 is out !

devel Analyseur de fichier development développement file analyser GTK Heraia hexadecimal editor Éditeur hexadécimal

Additions are :

  • A find from data type window that lets one look for a specific string as if decoded with the selected data type (eg search in the document a date such as 02/05/2011 coded in a C way)
  • Saving and loading projects is now possible.
  • Some bugs were corrected (Please report them !)

Now a windows binary package is available for download. It should be a portable one (ie no need to install the heraia and all needed library are included). I hope I'll be able to do so at each release. By the way, I'm looking for packagers (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Suse, Solaris, ...).

Translations : Langages are English and French (up to date).

Since 0.1.6

  • 2786 lines were added
  • 1155 lines were killed

Heraia has now 13220 lines. The biggest file and the smallest ones are still the same :

  • heraia_ui.c with 2601 lines now
  • main_pref_window.h which still has 32 lines

The development focused on libfcl these last month. It is going very slowly but it might lead to something useable. I hope I will be able to connect this library to libgtkhex that I use with heraia. Before this there is still a hudge work to do !!

The devel docs are 51 MB in 2731 files ! The graphic stuff explains this hudge size.

As usual you can download files at both locations :

Directory description :

  • 'devel-docs' : contains all doxygen documentation used to develop
  • 'packages' : contains binary packages specific to systems
  • 'release' : contains all releases and source code since august 2008
  • 'source_tar_gz' : contains all tar.gz done between February 2005 and august 2008