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Release v0.0.2 for sauvegarde project

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'sauvegarde' is a set of tools ('serveur', 'client' and 'restaure' - as of now) that saves your files in a live continuous way that is to say while they are written to disks. In this version 'client' program has been reworked and may be 75 % of it's code has changed.

New features in version v0.0.2:

  • client has been reworked and there is no more threads. As a result, the functions newly written are not threadable as is.
  • file and time requests are base64 encoded into the URL so that it can manage space without errors
  • client save written files in a live an continuous way
  • time measurement is now possible (for instance, on my computer client uses 1.5ms to know if a file is in it's cache or not)
  • restore can restore a file at a specific date (you'll have to have the right date or it'll restore the latest one in the retrieved list)

There is still a lot of work to do and one might want to look at the list of my first post at http://blog.delhomme.org/index.php?post/2015/07/08/Sauvegarde-project-first-usable-version or see the TODO file or the Roadmap section of README file or even look into the code (or doxygen documentation) for @todo tags. Any help, contributions, remarks, articles or encouragements are very welcomed.

The whole project is known to compile on x86_64 and arm7l architecture and on Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 12.04 and Centos 7 (sometimes at the expense of compiling and installing more recent dependencies - which is pretty straight (look for .travis.yml in the source code)).